TireView LIVE by P.S.I.

Tracking your tire information is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


TireView LIVE™ by P.S.I. is the latest tire management tool from Pressure Systems International.  The TireView LIVE™ interface works to keep you informed.


TireView LIVE™​ allows commercial fleet operators to manage their tire costs for trucks and trailers, online, in real-time, from any computer or device that is connected to the internet. 


TireView LIVE™​ was conceived to become a primary solution for the tire management of tractors and trailers.


Benefits include:

  • Live telematics and tracking solutions that provide fleet management teams the ability to locate assets and track various inputs of their choosing. 

  • Real-time tracking of assets, with monitoring and reporting of inputs in a single package, with simple connectivity. Examples of the monitoring include the ability for real-time tracking of individual tire pressures and temperatures with the added functionality of setting user-specified alerts.

  • Thresholds settings for installed sensors defining limits to generate alerts to optimize tire management.

  • Event types can be set individually or combined to generate a grid alert or email alerts to one or multiple recipients to optimize fleet management.


The ability for our customers to customize their tire management solutions from a single systems provider is increasingly important, and it optimizes their fleets overall management.

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