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P.S.I. and TireView play well with others!

Providing information on the status of your tire systems (TPMS and ATIS) back to the office is not only critical, but provides the opportunity to significantly reduce costs.  P.S.I.’s commitment is to help fleets reduce their tire related costs in the manner that best suites our customers.  Therefore, we offer an open platform of sensors that can be transmitted by leading telematic solutions providers, who can integrate our information into a single customer interface.  P.S.I. works with our Integration Partners to ensure that the communication between our products will provide a seamless source of real-time information back to the right people.  Those listed below have integrated our TireView TPMS and PSI ATIS products into their own platforms.  Concurrently, we are working with them to offer a one-click link to our TireView LIVE analytics platform for unmatched capability to ‘deep dive’ into the data for customized reporting that drives confident decision making.


While we are working with others to grow this list, if your telematics provider of choice is not listed below,
you may click on the "Help Me Integrate" button below to send a request to us to get things going or check on the status.

Telematics Integration Partners

Road Ready-CT Partner Logo.png


by Clarience Technologies

Phone: 1-877-537-3820

Website: www.roadreadysystem.com

Contact: Road Ready

Spireon Partner Logo.png


the Vehicle Intelligence Company

Phone: 1-800-557-1449

Website: www.spireon.com

Contact: Spireon

PCT Partner Logo.png

Phillips Connect


Phone: 1-800-213-5839

Website: www.phillips-connect.com