TireView™ by P.S.I. Product Overview

In April of 2017, Truck System Technologies (TST) was acquired by Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.), the global leader in automatic tire inflation. P.S.I. brought their 25+ years of industry knowledge, technology and customer service experience to TST.  

Within months, TST began its climb through the ranks in the TPMS industry. With the support and drive of their parent company, P.S.I., TST made major improvements in quality and durability allowing them to offer the industry’s longest and most comprehensive warranty, two (2) full years.

Since its acquisition, TST has launched several new products:

  • The industry’s first widescreen full-color display

  • Compact flow-through sensors with a user-replaceable battery

  • Code lock sensors, meaning the monitor will not forget the sensor at battery change or sensor removal

  • Enhanced performance with the inclusion of a repeater with every kit to enhance the signal in special applications

  • The ability to mix multiple sensor types


TireView™ by P.S.I. is the most recent culmination of these shared resources, bringing TPMS capability to the Commercial Vehicle market


Our Values


Our company literally started an industry. In the early years of our history, it seemed like everyone you talked with couldn’t wait to tell you how unsuccessful we would be.  The climb to the top of the mountain looked unattainable for us.  Doors were slammed in our face, potential customers wouldn’t show for scheduled meetings and those that did said they had absolutely no use for our product.  During this time, it became apparent that we needed a foundation to believe in -- a message that would keep us continuing to develop and market our product.


We chose the phrases you see on our coins because they reflected what would be required to be successful, in spite of what we were being told.​

Each of our full-time employees is asked to pick the coin they would like to carry and they are challenged, when they accept the coin, to let its message make a difference in their lives with their God, their family, and their fellow employees.


Tim Musgrave - President, CEO

Never Give Up

There were so many times that giving up would permeate into our thinking.  Every turn was met with rejection; however, we never gave up on our dream.  Today many of our customers are ones we called on for as many as 10 years before they bought our product.  Persistence is a virtue and is mandatory when you are a pioneer.

Attitude Is Everything

Your attitude is reflected in everything that you do or say.  People can sense your mood and your honesty through the attitude you display in your everyday activities. A smile will always melt even the coldest heart.

Whatever It Takes

One of our recurring themes in the early years was that we would not fail because we were willing to do whatever it took to be successful and to have our customers understand that we would always be there for them. Innovation is the key.

Dare To Soar

We have always been able to soar high into the sky where the air is clean and clear and look, as the eagles do, at the far horizons. Up here we are above the fog and the naysayers on the ground and we can clearly see our objective and take a straight path to it. Revolutionary products are created by clear and concise thinking.

Our Mission

Our mission at P.S.I.™ is to provide products to our customers along with customer valued services and tire maintenance-related solutions that best meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers while meeting the growth and financial objectives of our investors/owners.